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Volleyball Strength Program DVD

In Volleyball Strength Program DVD, Dennis Jackson lays out a strength training plan and exercises to help you build a stronger and more explosive volleyball player who can stay powerful for longer periods of time.

Coach Jackson spends time discussing proper technique for each individual exercise in the workout. For each day of the program the athlete is provided the specific sets/reps indicated for optimum results!

This DVD will help improve strength and power for volleyball like no other resource available.

Some of the 180+ drills include… frog leaps, squat to press, cone jumps, one arm rows, medicine ball overhead throws, split jumps, and reverse squat jumps.

This strength program gives you the necessary tools to build and maintain your athletes throughout the whole year.

Whether you’re a strength coach or not, whether you work with novice volleyball players or the experienced volleyball competitor, this DVD can help.

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